Thank you for visiting the Pug Life Pet Spa website. 


My name is Ozgul, I own two pugs Louis & Minnie and a Pomeranian called Bear…
I’m the crazy dog lady of Enfield town!!


I decided to create a one to one pet spa from my own home because for as long I can remember, I have always had a deep passion and love for all different types of animals.

Despite my big heart, I maintain a very special bond with dogs and have been working with them for over 10 years. 

My professional career started off with veterinary care and slowly shifted into animal management.


Out of all of my experiences working with pets, grooming was the area where I felt I was able to give the most love and the animals where left feeling the happiest.  Which is why I am also fully certified in City and Guilds level 2 & 3 dog grooming. 

From seeing their little eyes closing during their bubble bath, to a happy tail wag, It’s the little moments that give me the biggest smiles. 


I take great pride in ensuring all pets in my care receive the highest standards when it comes to treatments , they are kept thoroughly comfortable and safe during their time at Pug Life Pet Spa and is a totally worry-free experience for their owners.